TMS therapy team at TMS of Philadelphia


TMS of Philadelphia creates individualized approaches for patients based on their unique history. Our mission is to provide high quality care for those who are struggling with mental health issues in a way that is personalized and sets people up for success.

Krissy Kim, TMS Patient Care Manager at TMS of Philadelphia

Dave Goneau

Head TMS Care Clinician

Krissy Kim

TMS Patient Care Manager

Krissy is a dedicated advocate on the TMS team who will address all of your questions and concerns. She has been an integral member of our team and some would say is the real brains behind the scenes.  She is passionate about helping patients find solutions that work!


 Her experience with a variety of mental health treatments and medications makes her a knowledgeable source as you consider TMS, as she will likely be your first point of contact at TMS of Philadelphia.  


She, along with the rest of the team, desires for you to find the right treatment and will do her best to connect you with the information you need to find your path to wellness.